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Whole House Surge Protection Tallahassee

Adding a whole house surge protection to your Tallahassee home/business could save you money and some big headaches, should an electrical surge occur. Contrarily of what most people think, circuit breakers protect the home from overcurrent. It does NOT protect the home from electrical surges.

Basically, a surge is when the voltage of electricity is too great and it rushes through an electrical wire and device. When a surge occurs, it can damage the electrical circuit boards in your devices and appliances. These will cause the appliance or device to completely break. In the instance of computer devices, data loss is the biggest concern. Surges can happen at any time and can happen from the exterior of the home like from a lightning strike, or even on the inside of the home from faulty electronics. Protecting your home from surges with protection devices are great investments in protecting the longevity of your devices and data.

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How does Home Surge Protection Work?

electrician doing a whole house electrical surge protection in Tallahassee home.

Protection for power surges exist for the entire house and is an excellent way to protect all of your devices from an unpredictable surge. Whole home surge protectors are installed directly into your main panel box or fuse box. They work by diverting large voltage amounts directly into the ground rather than through your home circuitry.

You may be thinking that you already own some devices with power surge protectors in it. If you have a power strip for your computer, there is a good chance that it has protection for surges in it already. Or you can also buy to plug devices on it. Just know that only what is plug on it is protected. 

Full home surge protection comes handy if you have a lot of devices that are valuable to you. This type of protection is actually very affordable for how much value it can save you. Call our electrician Tallahassee for more info and to discuss if this protection is necessary for your home or business.

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Although an entire house surge protection in Tallahassee is not required or necessary,  it can save some headaches. It basically depends on what appliances you have and how valuable they are (including the data stored on them).

This service is popular when people are already doing a panel or subpanel installation in Tallahassee for added protection. Call us for a FREE quote on residential or commercial surge protection.

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What causes Electrical Surges?

  • Surge via the electric power company or electrical grid
  • Lightning strike
  • Electrical transformer malfunction
  • Powerful electrical appliances turning on and off

It is worth to add a Surge Protector for the whole house?

While a whole house surge protection is not necessary, it can save you time, money, and frustration. It all depends on how valuable your devices and appliances are. Especially all the data you may have stored in them. The more valuable they are to your, the more its makes sense to add surge protection. We can add a surge protector at any time. If you are looking to install a new electrical panel in Tallahassee, that is a great opportunity to add power surge protection to it. Call us for a FREE Quote on a whole house surge protection in Tallahassee today!