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Ceiling Fan Installation Tallahassee

Ceiling fans can transform any room into a more comfortable and beautiful place. In fact, they are still one of the preferred methods for US families when it comes to keeping the home cool. Especially in Florida, and Tallahassee is no exception. The weather can be so hot and humid where the combo of AC and a ceiling fan are the best way to stay cool and save on electricity at the same time. Give our electricians a call for a ceiling fan installation in Tallahassee today!

Its low-cost and effectiveness are important to many families. Even families with an AC benefit from fans in the ceiling as it helps to spread the cold or warm air from the AC through the room

Ceiling Fans for your Home and Business

Just like your home, your business can benefit immensely from ceiling fans. You may have noticed that a lot of stores, restaurants, and supermarkets have fans despite the air conditioning. Having a fan helps to better circulate the air. That means that it controls the temperature of the room better, which in turn makes the AC work less, and thus, lowers the electricity bill. Nonetheless, fans are hip and stylish.

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Top Reasons to Install a Ceiling Fan

ceiling fan installation Tallahassee

Keeps the room temperature more controlled

Ceiling fans make the air circulate. That can translate into a significant difference in temperature.

They are cheap and you will save on utility bills

Installing a ceiling fan is affordable, even when you hire an electrician. To maximize the most get one for each room that you time on (such as the kitchen, living room, and bedrooms). You may want to consider adding one to your office space in case you work from home.

Ceiling fans are stylish

The selection is great nowadays! You can find different colors, materials, shapes, sizes for the blades and to install a light fixture as well. The fans with less blades seem to be the favorite. With so many designs out there, you will definitely find one that matches the colors and style of your home and personality.

Add Value to Your Home

Are you looking to selling or renting your home? If so you should install ceiling fans in the kitchen, living room, and in the bedrooms. We work with several property managers and real estate agents in Tallahassee. They have reinforced us that not too many people want to rent a property that does not have at least one ceiling fan in the bedroom and in the living room. When it comes to sales, the property will still sell. But you may be able to increase the sales price by the same or more than what this small home improvement costed you. And your home just got more attractive.


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Looking for a ceiling fan to cool down your room? Our electricians can provide quick quotes for residential and commercial ceiling fan installation in  Tallahassee and nearby cities. Call us today for more info.

Why Call an Electrician to Install a Ceiling Fan in Tallahassee ?

Yes, you can just watch a YouTube video to learn how to put a fan up by yourself. Also, most handyman can probably do it too. Though, there are several reasons why you want to call an electrician to install a ceiling fan in Tallahassee. For example, while the hourly rate of a handyman is cheaper, they will likely take much longer to mount a ceiling fan than an experienced and licensed electrician like TOP Electrician Tallahassee. We had clients who reported they put up a fan and have been running it at maximum speed but it does not seem to do anything. Come to find out the blades were set up wrong. And in the meantime, they were paying more in electricity bills than necessary. And still feeling hot.

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Ceiling Fan Types

The blades are the mechanism. Fans have different number and shapes of blades. Some are longer, some are shorter, some are set at an angle. Some are thing, some are thick. If you are looking for trends go with the one with the fewer blades.

Assembly and Wiring

Ceiling fans need to be assembled and the wires need to be connected. Although it may seem like a simple task, there are a lot of things that can be wrong. The most common mistakes are when people connect the wrong wires, or set up the fan working in reverse during Summer. A fan in reverse is indicated for places where is cold and your intent is to circulate the hot air in the top to the bottom. Not mounting the fan correctly also can trigger it to break, You may then need to repair or replace it sooner than you otherwise would.