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Light Fixture Installation Tallahassee

Your home’s lighting can really improve the amount of enjoyment you get out of it. Secondary to that, light fixture installation in Tallahassee is a very popular service for our electricians. Lighting fixtures come in all shapes and sizes. They now play a part in Tallahassee home design! Do you need help installing lights for your home? Did you know that there are many types of lights? Depending on the purpose of your lights, there are 3 main different types of lights.

 Ambient Lighting:

  • This is the most common form to make a room brighter, sometimes referred to as “natural lighting.” The purpose of ambient light is to softly and evenly blanket an entire space or room. There should be no harsh glares, allowing your eyes to relax.
  • Ambient lighting is the most functional, allowing you to enjoy an area that would typically be too dark.

Accent Lighting:

  • Decorative style of lighting. It is meant to show the importance of an object.
  • Accent lighting is a more focused or concentrated form of lighting that draws your attention to an object. A focused beam of light on an art piece or object is a common form of accent lighting. In other cases, the light itself can be the focal point like with Christmas lights.

Task Lighting

  • A focused form of illumination, but purely functional instead of decorative. Task lighting helps you work by directing the finer light onto an object you’re trying to focus on. Task lighting is good for reading, and working on projects such as cooking, sewing, and writing to name a few.
  • Task lighting helps to stimulate the brain due to the contrasting focused light. It is much better at helping you concentrate and keeping you awake compared to ambient light, even though they are both functional forms of lighting.

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Light Fixture Styles

This picture shows recessed lighting installation in Tallahassee. The lights are in the kitchen and living room including a chandellier.
This picture shows light installation in Tallahassee by our electricians. Beautiful light fixtures including recessed lighting.
This picture shows track lighting installation in Tallahassee. Lights are in the kitchen above and under the cabinets.

Recessed Lighting

This form of lighting gets it’s name because the light fixtures are recessed into the ceiling.  To install recessed lighting, your ceiling must first have hole in the ceiling for the light to be placed in.  Even with a hole in the ceiling, there must be wiring run to the hole to allow for lights.  You can’t just decide you will install the lights without a little bit of planning beforehand! 

Recessed lighting is a very trendy and modern form of lighting today.  They are often accompanied with dimming capabilities and can make your home feel like a museum or movie theater.  With this functionality, recessed lights can be both ambient, task, or accent lights.

Track Lights

Track lighting contains multiple light fixtures attached to a long supporting structure, known as the track.  Tracks to not need to be straight, and modern track lighting is often very curvy to fit a room or be very decorative.  It is common to be able to point and aim each light in a specific direction on the track adding accent decoration to your home.


A pendant light is a single lamp or fixture that hangs on the end of a single suspension line.  Pendants are modern styles and can be highly decorative.  They are very versatile.  Depending on the size of the fixture, pendant lights can be used for ambient, accent, or task lighting! 

Expect to see pendant lights when decoration is important.  The dining room, home entrance, and living room are rooms you are most likely going to see this form of lighting.


Chandeliers have been around for a very long time and is often associated as being a traditional, classy form of lighting.  Like pendants, chandeliers are suspended from the ceiling.  Instead of it just being one light at the end of the suspension, chandeliers branch out to hold multiple lights.  Often they can resemble upside down trees, but modern designs do not make this a hard fast rule.

Chandeliers can add a form of elegance or contemporary style to any home.  It will most likely be situated in gathering areas, such as over the dining room table. 

At Top Electrician Tallahassee, we are not light fixture suppliers, but we can give you a good opinion on what will match your home and what is trendy today.  We will be able to install any light fixture you decide to purchase.  Let us know what you have in mind and we’ll help brighten up your home!

Cost of Light Installation

The price of hiring an electrician to for light installation in Tallahassee can vary significantly. Basically, it is based of how difficult the job is. When it comes to price, the more complicated it is, the more it’ll cost. Here are the aspects we consider by increasing the complexity:

  • Wiring: Does new wiring need to be installed? If we are replacing an existing light, then no wiring is usually needed. If no light exists, then wiring and possibly a new light switch will need to be configured.
  • Wire Covering: For houses and newer developments, it is often possible to lay the wires behind the wall or behind the ceiling. This is not always the case. In condominiums especially, it is hard to go through the ceiling. If we are unable to hide the wires, we will have to encase them in either wood molding or metal conduits. The choice is purely for aesthetics. Most people prefer wood in their homes.
    If wiring is needed, the more wire and coverings are required increase the cost. This may sound obvious, but sometimes it is not easy to gauge how far these materials need to go if you’re not an electrician. It is possible that the wires may also need to go back to the electrical panel. In some cases, to the sub panel if you have one.

These are just some of the aspects to consider when installing a light fixture. This doesn’t even take into account more difficult processes such as adding recessed lighting! If you want to get an accurate quote for installing your lights, give Top Electrician Tallahassee a call.

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