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Commercial Electrician Tallahassee

TOP Electrician Tallahassee is a trusted commercial electrician in Tallahassee and nearby cities. In the past years, we have completed multiple commercial jobs locally. From simple commercial electrical maintenance to big wiring projects. Just like you, we are business owners too. We understand that when looking for a commercial electricianyou want a company that won’t:

  • Charge an arm and a leg
  • Provide a low estimate to get the job, and then raise the costs at the end
  • Quote you a cheap price to get the job, fix the issue temporarily and not the cause of it, so it reoccurs
  • Be flexible to coordinate their schedule with yours, causing interruptions to your business that could have otherwise been avoided
  • Pick up the phone or return your call

Well, that is all that TOP Electrician Tallahassee does NOT do.  We have been around for so many years and like to do things right the first time. Communication and expertise are key for our successful work.  That is why we have great relationships with commercial companies in Tallahassee.

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Commercial Services

Electrical Repairs and Maintenance

More than the typical residential electrician, we are comfortable with all commercial projects. Bad electrical work will sooner or later lead to problems. If you are looking to fix electrical problems and regular maintenance, be sure to hire a company that can properly diagnose the issue so it does not happen again. Our equipment and skills will allow us to clear different parts of your electrical system. For more about electrical repairs and maintenance in Tallahassee visit our page.

Light Fixture Installation

Just like a home, a business has its own style and personality too. You can create a unique ambiance through the right lighting. For example, an upscale clothing store, and a secondhand clothing store. A steak and lobster restaurant, or a burger joint. The lighting is as important as the decorations and can transform any place. Recessed lights, track lights, chandeliers, pendant lights. Have you looked into LED Lighting? Many Tallahassee business owners are upgrading to LED lights for electricity saving. Ask us more about light fixture installation in Tallahassee.

Ceiling Fan Installation

The majority of companies run air conditioning and ceiling fans at the same time. First, the air conditioning cools down the temperature. Then, the ceiling fans help maintain the cool air circulating. As a result, the temperature of the room remains constant with less work from the A/C. This set up can save on monthly electricity. Feel free to visit our page for more info about ceiling fan installation in Tallahassee CA.

Electrical Panel Upgrade

Most commercial businesses require a lot more power than regular residences. That is usually the main reason why a business owner will want to upgrade the electrical panel of their commercial business. Of course, if the panel breaks, that is usually a good reason to upgrade. Other than that, here are other reasons you may consider a panel upgrade:

  • Planning or remodeling your business or even business additions
  • Need to devote a circuit to a group of devices (e.g. computers, machinery)
  • Provide enough power to guarantee that equipment operates at full power
  • Fulfill insurance requirements regarding the electrical panel
  • Discontinue fuse block without a main breaker (rare currently as it is very unsafe, call us ASAP)
  • Finally, discontinue the use of multiple extension cords

For residential electrical panel upgrade in Tallahassee see our dedicated page.

Circuits and Wiring

Some commercial businesses run at a higher voltage than others. In addition, some have specific circuit organization or are looking to do so depending on the equipment they have. We have worked with a multitude of businesses in different niches and understand they all have different needs.

Electrical wiring and rewiring is a great opportunity to do things right to your electrical system, and make sure it stays healthy and lasts long without problems. As such, we like to take the time to understand how we can better help you. Our electrical contractor can do the wiring for new business build outs safely. We also handle the permits as required by the city of Tallahassee. For more info about our electrical house wiring in Tallahassee, check out our dedicated page.

Surge Protection

Although infrequent, electrical surges can cause permanent loss to electronic devices when they occur. Surge protection is the best way to protect the electric devices in your business. This option makes the most sense if you have valuable information/data stored in them, or if they are expensive to replace. Read more about this service on the electrical surge protection in Tallahassee.

Sauna, Jacuzzi, and Hot Tub Wiring

Especially requested for gyms and SPAs. Installing saunas, Jacuzzis, and hot tubs requires special wiring. Call us to check out your plans and request a FREE estimate.

EV Charger Installation

With the increase in buying electric vehicles, people are looking for ways to charge their car more comfortably. TOP Electrician Tallahassee can do a Level 1 or Level 2 EV charger installation in Tallahassee. Although these types of stations are more common in residences than in business, it may still make sense to some companies. For example hotels or parking lots of a residential building. If you are looking for your home or business give us a call for a free estimate.

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TOP Electrician Tallahassee understands that you expect a quick, reliable, and effective service from us. Our team does the best we can to provide that, plus more. We pride ourselves to NOT cut corners or skimp on materials to increase our margins. We focus on what needs to be done and do it right the first time. Give us a call or submit the form for a FREE Quote today!

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