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Electrical Sub Panel Installation Tallahassee

A sub panel helps to segregate a larger portion of electricity in a particular area of the home. Essentially, it creates a smaller electrical box that would be dedicated for a specific circuit. Sometimes it is created when the original panel doesn’t have enough space for more circuits, but the main purpose is to better control a specific area. We have performed countless sub panel installation in Tallahassee and would be happy to help you with that if that is what you need.

When the designated area is reasonably far from the main electrical box, a sub panel is a good option to efficiently maintain the proper flow of electricity throughout. A common area where sub meters can be installed in homes today include a garage, basement, or outdoor recreational space.

Another time it may become necessary to further differentiate your electricity is when there is one meter, but different living units such as a duplex. When there are two different living units, one of the apartments may not have access to the main electrical breaker box. Installing a sub panel will allow for that unit to be able to reset a popped circuit in their own living space.

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Do I need to Install a New Electrical Panel or a Sub Panel?

If you are unsure of what you need think about the problem. Is your main circuit breaker tripping? Do you need more power for the entire house? Are you planning on buying big appliances? If so, you may be looking at an upgrade. If you are looking for an electrician to upgrade the electrical panel in Tallahassee we are the team you can trust!

On the other hand, are you thinking to add electricity to a particular area of your home further from the panel? If so, you need a sub panel installation. With such you can distribute power to upstairs, a garage, a patio, or even a home addition. If you are still not sure of what you need, you can trust our team to listen to your problem, test the power, and recommend the best solution for the problem. Our electricians are experienced in all of the above and can perform a safe, fast, and affordable sub panel installation in Tallahassee.

This picture shows a sub panel installation in Tallahassee. This subpanel distributed a new circuit to a garage.

What are the Benefits of a Sub Panel?

There are many benefits of installing a sub panel in Tallahassee whether it is for your home or business.

  • Space – when your main circuit breaker box has run out of space, using a sub panel will allow for an additional amount of circuits to be added to your home.
  • Convenience – if your circuit breaker pops far away from the area of use, resetting a sub panel circuit breaker can be a lot easier.
  • Efficiency – a sub panel will allow your electrical usage to be better distributed from one circuit to an area that you expect high electrical usage that is typically far away from your main power box. A garage or work space where electrical tools are used or an exterior AC condenser may be good uses for needing a sub panel in your home. Another good example is its benefit is you are installing a home EV charger station.

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What is the difference between the Main Panel and a Sub panel?

Generally speaking, a service panel is directly connected to the utility service (the power from your city’s electric company). It has a switch to disconnect the power for the entire system including specific appliances/circuits and each sub panels if they exist.

As the name suggests, a sub-panel is a smaller electrical box connected to the main box. It usually will include a new circuit to a specific area further from the main panel. If you decide you need an electrical subpanel installation in Tallahassee give us a call for an honest and reliable service.