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Electrical repairs in Tallahassee start with fixing simple problems such as a light or ceiling fan that stops working. Finding the cause of that problem will require the right tools and expertise to diagnose the problem and troubleshoot. The simple light that stops working may actually be a sign that the wiring of the panel is faulty for example. In this case a simple light fix also involves more complicated steps such as an electrician to upgrade the main electrical panel.

If something is not right with your electrical system, we always recommend a homeowner to hire an electrician to check and properly fix the problem. Even if the problem seems small. Sometimes hiring a handyman may seem enough, but they will not be able to diagnose most of the problems and provide you with the right options and solutions. It is like putting a band-aid on an infected wound without cleaning it. You can trust our team. We diagnose and repair outlets, wiringmain panelsubpanellight fixtures, and more.

Common Electrician Repairs in Tallahassee:

  • Fix panel tripping
  • Fix sparks and shorts
  • Fix faulty wiring
  • Fix lights flickering
  • Fix burnt smell
  • Fix and replace burnt outlets
  • Fix warm/hot outlets

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This picture show a man fixing an outlet and doing an electrical repair in Tallahassee

Fix an Outlet

If you are looking to fix an outlet you may be concerned about several issues: the outlet is loose, has exposed wires, feels warm, or looks burnt.

Repairing or replacing an outlet is most often a straightforward task. The question is, why do you have to repair or replace it to begin with? Sometimes there are underlying issues that will explain why the outlet does not work. That is the problem that needs to be fixed ultimately. 

When you call us to repair your electrical system, we do our best to find the real problem and solve it before it keeps reoccurring.

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Get a diagnosis and recommendation from experienced and honest electricians at TOP Electrician Tallahassee. A cheap repair by non-qualified people may turn into bigger problems and bigger costs in the future. We provide FREE quotes for electrical repairs in Tallahassee

Repair The Main Panel

Doing and electrical panel repair in Tallahassee is not very common. Many people may not even pay attention to it unless something electrical isn’t working. In the case of a circuit breaker that turns off, turning the switch back to the on position is an easy fix to the problem. Not all issues are this obvious however. Here are electrical situations where you should have your circuit breaker looked at:

Circuit breaker constantly popping or shutting off

This is a sign that the amperage going through the circuit is consistently too much. The cause of this is not usually the circuit breaker and diagnosis is not always easy. It may be an overactive appliance generating too much power or wiring issues to name some of the common issues.

Lights in the house dimming or flicker

This is a sign that the electrical panel can’t handle a large surge of power and takes it away from other uses. Lights are easy to observe any difference. Dimming lights can be a sign that there are overloaded circuits, a wiring issue, or possibly an overactive appliance.

Noises coming from the electrical panel

Crackling, sizzling, and buzzing sounds are NOT naturally occurring with your circuit breaker box. It is most likely a wiring or circuit breaker problem that can cause fire and or electrocution.

Electrical panel hot to the touch

The circuit breaker turns off in order to prevent excess heat. If your panel or circuit is hot, there is a chance that the circuit is failing to turn off.

Electric problems in the home can escalate quickly and should not be taken lightly. If you notice any of these problems in your home, call an electrician immediately. At Top Electrician Tallahassee we are very knowledgeable with electrical panel problems and more. Contact us now for your free quote and assessment.

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